The Secret of Faerie Cove

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Authored and Illustrated by Raymond & Ricci Victorio

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The following is a collection of our latest and most delightful projects. Each story is hand drawn and painted, unique in style and content and represents a distinct interest and curiosity. We hope you enjoy our stories and we invite you to share these to your little ones.

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The Secret of Faerie Cove

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Written by Raymond Victorio and Ricci Victorio

 Illustrated by Ricci Victorio


One evening, while dancing with the fireflies on the edge of Faerie Cove, Chloe finds a magic stone in her pocket and she discovers she can see and hear the faeries! The faerie Prim, and his friends, Twig and Spark, have to find the girl with the stone before morning, or it's magic will fade and no longer protect Faerie Cove!


She just loves the pictures!

I received your enchanting book and LOVED it! It's a simple, and needed tale of compromise to reach the win-win! I love all the detail of the pages and the colors!

This book is lovely, and we had so much fun reading it together!

Received my book and got the autograph from you. SO excited! Great job...keep up the wonderful Faeries and stories! LOVE them! ❤️❤️❤️

Got my books today! Well done!!!!


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