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A Frog A Prince and A Pie

An illustrated chapter book for children 10+ and the young at heart!


A story of transformation and friendship between an unlikely trio of an Ogre, a Faery Changeling and a runaway Prince, who are brought together through a faerie mushroom and the love of pie!

About this book:

This book is best enjoyed by reading it aloud.

My fondest memories as a child were of my father reading to us each night before we went to bed. Being the oldest, I had the pleasure of many years of sitting cuddled up with my Dad as he read to us - The Wind in the Willows, Winnie the Pooh, Charlotte's Web, Peter Pan, Treasure Island, Mary Poppins, and so many more! Fantasies, faerie tales, and poetry, he read them all to us. When it was my turn as a parent, I could hear his voice in the words as I read them aloud to my children.

Some of the vocabulary will be above an 8 - 10 year-old reader, but this is the wonderful thing about reading to your children. You can stop and talk about the story, explain what a word means. Words are very powerful, and I deliberately chose not to "dumb down" the vocabulary. Each word means exactly what I meant to write. The younger listeners will enjoy the story and remember this special time with you.

Mostly, I am hearing from my grown-up readers that they are enchanted by this story - of an Ogre's tiny heart expanding as he experiences giving of himself in unselfish acts of kindnesses to others, of an exceptionally unusual friendship, and embracing one's higher purpose.

Ogre and Pie
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Magic Frog
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The Village
Village Celebration
Chapter 8 Epilogue

Copyright 2020, Victorio and Mann, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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