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A Frog A Prince and A Pie

An illustrated chapter book for children 8+ and the young at heart!


A story of transformation and friendship between an unlikely trio of an Ogre, a Faery Changeling and a runaway Prince, who are brought together through a faerie mushroom and the love of pie!

About this story:

I have always loved faerie tales. I could never find enough time or books to fill my imagination. The world of faeries, magic, dragons, and elves have felt like they live all around me. As a child, I would copy the illustrations of my favorite books and draw them on everything. Summers were spent sitting in quiet spaces reading book after book. I was disappointed when the library would only let me check out 15 books a week.


I was lucky enough to continue my adventure as an entertainer, writer, and director for most of my professional career. I wrote stories for a children’s television series where we were able to reach a larger audience of very young children, playing with their parents watching at home, along with the actors on the television screen. Because of the intensity of the production schedule, I was improvising on the keyboard instead of the stage, with barely time to get it onto paper before it was distributed to cast and crew. It was a fantastic experience.


Life took over, with family and career. In 2019, our first grandchild was born. I channeled my excitement about her arrival by creating a word book with my silly doodles. Meant to be a gift solely for my grand-daughter, we discovered others wanted copies for their littles. So we published it. Then my husband and I wrote a story together, "The Secret of Faerie Cove." He asked me to illustrate it. As I am not an illustrator, I was terrified, and of course I said yes and a year later, we had another book!


One night, I dreamt about a frog, a prince, and a pie. It was the most strange combination of elements. I kept asking myself, what do they have in common? Why are they important? My curiosity was now fully engaged. And, as I awoke, still seeing these three images in my sleepy mind, all I could think about was, "What happens next?" The improvisation began to unfold, and became, "A Frog, a Prince and a Pie."

Ogre and Pie
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Magic Frog
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The Village
Village Celebration
Chapter 8 Epilogue

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