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What is a Giclée?

A giclée (zhee-KLAY) is an individually produced, high resolution reproduction printed on archival paper or canvas.

     Giclée prints are sharper, brighter, last longer and have a color gamut far beyond traditional lithography. Because they can be produced one at a time, the process allows the artist to control nearly every aspect of the reproduction.

Giclée Fine Art Print FAQs

About the Artist, Ricci Victorio

My artistic expression is an outcome of joy and creative curiosity. These paintings mark my journey in life and imagination. Each picture has a story and every story has its' pictures. It is the sharing of those stories that create the 3rd dimension of the artwork. 


As an author and illustrator of original faerie tales, tales of the Faewild and children's books, the embedded themes are about overcoming the "monster" within each of us to find our higher spirituality and experience unconditional love. Our books are written for readers of all ages, especially the astute adult who loves reading to their children and enjoys the fantasy world of the Faewild.

                                   With love, 

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