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A gift for our friends...

Our circle of family, friends, artists and Facebook pals have been our principal set of cheerleaders, encouragers, idea builders and supporters. It has taken a full year to write, envision and complete nearly 40 illustrations for "A Frog, a Prince and a Pie." All of the illustrations are hand painted watercolors. 

As a thank you, we have created this private offering for a FREE digital PDF version of the book! The only thing we ask, is that if you love our book, you recommend it to someone you think would love to buy our book. Thank you again for all of your encouraging words. It made such a difference during this time of isolation.

Digital Download Instructions


Use the security password sent to you to open your digital copy of the book.


Once open, you will need to download it and open in Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat to open the book.


Please make sure you choose to view in a 2-page spread. Since this is not a purchased copy, you will need to use the password each time you open the digital book.


We hope you enjoy it enough to order a hard copy, give us a review and share with your Littles, family and friends!