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The Girl Who Wore a Reindeer on Her Head

An illustrated Christmas poem for children 3+ and the young at heart!


With her holiday plans hijacked by Covid-19, a little girl dressed in her reindeer pajamas ponders her plight as all the family celebrations for Christmas have been cancelled. She doubts if Santa will even come. But she writes him a letter anyway just in case.


An Elementary Teacher's Review

"When you look for a well-priced Christmas-themed picture book for those darlings in your life ages 2-8, and older kids who can read to younger siblings, look no further than this one. I got my copy yesterday and LOVED it! It's about renewed hope and faith in the face of a holiday's disappointment. Charming, beautifully illustrated rhyming text for the budding reader and/or keen listener."

About this story:

This is a Christmas Poem dedicated to the lost holiday gatherings during the Covid-19 Pandemic. On Christmas Eve of 2021, I was moaning to my adult daughter about the last minute cancellation of our Christmas celebrations due to being exposed to Covid-19. Out of great consideration for my then 91-year old father, our children and two toddler grandchildren, we made the hard decision to cancel our family plans. While we chatted on FaceTime, she was wearing an adult onesie pajama I had given her in college - and it was a reindeer. I spoke to my daughter, who had the hoodie up, which was a reindeer head, as we chatted sadly and lovingly.

That night, her image must have remained etched in my mind, as I started hearing the beginning of what has become the story of this book, "Christmas is dead," the little girl said even though she was wearing a reindeer on her head." The poem started unfolding and I jumped up and wrote it all in one sitting - sketches and all. The next day, I shared my scribbles in an email to our family and friends to share our woes.

And now it has become a book that I hope will encourage all of our Littles, that even when we are sick, that Christmas will always come and Santa will remember them.


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