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The Guardian of the Feywild
written and illustrated by
Ricci Mann Victorio

An exciting fantasy trilogy for YA/Adult readers filled with Ogres, Dwarves, Naiads, Ents, Dragons, Elves and other creatures from the Feywild Realm.


Two years in development,

Book One, "The Foundling" will be available

in 2024;

Book Two, "The Trials of the Maesters"

in 2025;

Book Three, "The Misted Veil"

in 2026.

Read the story summary below!

About this story:


An ancient Feywild Prophecy foretold that the Misted Veil protecting the Feywild Realm from the Material Plane would  become porous enough for Monsters and Mortals to pass between the worlds, bringing chaos and destruction to all. The Prophecy also told of a Champion who was not Fey, but was an "Outsider from Within," who could prevent this catastrophe. At their darkest hour, he would protect the border between the realms and maintain the Misted Veil. 


At the end of the Great War, Naiad Guardians rescued a newborn ogreling from certain death as he was thought to be the orphaned son of the slain Ogre Chieftain. The foundling was delivered to three Forest Dwarves, to be raised in secret, to teach the ogreling the ways of the Fey and how to overcome his natural monster tendencies. It was the only way to survive the Fey Ritual, called The Little Death, so he could qualify to be trained and tested by the five Elemental Maesters. Each trial was more deadly than the last. If he survived, he would be ready for the final trial - to do something no Monster had ever achieved - to pass through the Misted Veil to the Material Plane.


For centuries, the Feywild Queen had searched for a Halfling worthy or capable, without success. Could this ogreling possibly be the "Outsider from Within" and save both realms? Would he deceive them all to return to his Ogre clan and lead them back to destroy them as some feared? Or would he die like the scores of others who tried before him? Time was running out as the Misted Veil was already beginning to thin!

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Copyright 2023, Victorio and Mann, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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