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The Foundling
Book One of
The Guardian of the Faewild
written & illustrated by
Ricci Mann Victorio

An exciting fantasy trilogy for YA/Adult readers. 


A Prophecy foretold the Misted Veils dividing the Five Realms would weaken and fail, bringing chaos and destruction to all. A champion, not Faeborn but an outsider from within, would be found to restore the Misted Veil. An orphaned newborn ogreling is secretly delivered to three forest dwarves to raise as their own. Could this ogreling be the one to fulfill the Prophecy and preserve the Realms?


About this story:


In Book One, the young ogre Ymir must survive the initial Faewild Rites of Passage of the “Little Death” by partaking of the Faerie’s Breath Mushroom to be spiritually reborn a Fae. He must confront the monster within to surrender and embrace both his natural and spiritual self, to be his Whole Self, and achieve the eventual Freeing of Self. This accomplishment is not easy. His training begins very early, and with thousands of failures. It is with his success that he earns the right to be trained as a Guardian of the Faewild, to serve and protect the Realm. Trained in the spiritual path of the Forest Dwarves and eventually the Five Fae Elementals, he must be ready to face the impossible: cross through the Mountain’s Misted Veil that has been insurmountable for every other Monster to become the Guardian of the Faewild in order to protect the borderlands of the Realm from being breached by monster or mortal.

Faewild Realm - The Foundling_ Book 1 of The Guardian of the Faewild
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Faedark forest
Ymir-Faedark forest
Ymir’s Heartstone copy
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